Friday, January 30, 2009

OM NOM Nominations - 1.2

Lots of OM NOM worthy recipes, photos and blogs this week so it was very hard to choose...oh who am I kidding? It is hard to choose EVERY week! Nevertheless, here are the picks of week...

The first choice is a great set of two recipes celebrating the Chinese New Year on Monday. It is a Shumai and Spring Roll dimsum from Cafe Nilson: Cafe Nilson - Dimsum. The year of the Ox rocks!

The second OM NOM goes to The Alchemist Chef with her Aphrodisiacs series. This last one is what caught my eye: The Alchemist Chef - aphrodisiacs grilled peaches but the White Truffle Fondue and Oysters 3 Ways also look great for a Valentine's dinner.

And lastly, with the Super Bowl coming up this weekend I would be remiss if I did not highlight this excellent post on the culinary differences of Pittsburgh and Arizona. Go check it out and vote for your favorite cuisine at Endless Simmer - Super Bowl Food Off.

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